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"Working together for success"

The Trinity Federation

The Trinity Federation

Our Federation is one where all of the schools share a single governing body. Each school retains its own identity and character but shares a governing body, an Executive Headteacher, a Director of Teaching & Learning, a Director of Inclusion and SEND (inc Learning Support Advisory Teacher role) and an Early Intervention Practitioner. It is important to acknowledge that each school retains its own delegated budget.


St Mary’s Bluecoat CE Primary and Worfield Endowed CE Primary School have worked in a federation since September 2014. Beckbury CE Primary School joined the federation in September 2015.


In March 2019, Morville CE Primary School Academy (Part of The Diocese of Hereford Multi-Academy Trust (DHMAT)) entered into a service level agreement with the governing body of The Trinity Federation. This SLA is delivered by Mrs Claire Gaskin, Executive Headteacher of The Trinity Federation with the support of a range of school leaders from the Federation’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) of the schools within The Trinity Federation.


Through this agreement we;

  • provide the leadership and management which enables Morville CE Primary School to give every pupil high quality education and which promotes the highest possible standards of achievement and well being
  • Secure the long-term success of Morville CE Primary School by maximising potential through the sharing of skills and resources held within the schools belonging to The Trinity Federation
  • Build system-wide leadership capacity at all levels through actively developing the effectiveness of local governance, staffing structures and roles and responsibilities
  • Have regard and respect for the ethos of Morville as a church school and uphold and support the Christian distinctiveness of the school.


The Aims of the Trinity Federation


  • Every teacher is at least a ‘good’ teacher with a passion for their continuous professional development
  • Every school is at least a ‘good’ school. Every school strives to be an outstanding school!
  • Every school is an effective Church of England Primary School and graded at least ‘good’ in their Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)
  • Teachers who use the most effective teaching methods to motivate learners and raise aspirations. As a result, pupils make good or better progress
  • Quality learning environments where pupils feel safe and secure, known and valued and motivated to learn. Robust teaching of knowledge and the application of skills ensure our pupils are properly equipped for their next stage of learning
  • Curriculum provision which inspires, motivates and broadens pupils’ aspirations
  • Through partnership work we continue to break down any locally perceived boundaries and help pupils to work harmoniously with pupils from other localities
  • We maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of each school by capitalising on centralised services and sharing systems and procedures
  • We have high expectations of all and for all. All staff work to uncompromising high standards with the principle aim to always find solutions when faced with any challenge.


The benefits of our federation…


For staff

  • Our schools benefit from shared resources and expertise.
  • Our schools share established and effective school improvement systems and processes
  • Our schools can realise financial savings through increased purchasing power and over time these savings often translate into increased resources and curriculum opportunities.
  • Access to the very best quality training can be afforded through the sharing of expertise and pooling of financial resources for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Although staff predominantly remain at the school in which they are directly employed, there is increasingly movement of staff across our schools as opportunities arise. Increased opportunities exist across the Federation enabling governors to retain good and committed staff at all levels as they develop in their careers.
  • Regardless of which school staff work in within the federation, staff are able to share knowledge with colleagues in different schools with similar challenges – this regular sharing of expertise is rare where small schools exist in isolation yet essential if staff are to stay abreast of the latest educational thinking and approaches to teaching and learning.



For pupils

  • The schools retain their own individuality and ethos but work together in creating joint approaches and activities ultimately increasing opportunities for pupils.
  • Access to high quality teaching and learning opportunities as staff continuously develop in their practice.
  • All of the schools are Church of England Schools and this offers even more opportunities to enhance the Christian ethos of the Federation.
  • Pupils can connect with other people from different schools which can aid transition to secondary school. This is particularly important in smaller schools or in smaller cohorts within a school.
  • Pupils can have increased access to learning resources.



The Trinity Federation Vision and Ethos

Recognising their historic foundation, the schools will preserve and develop their religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.
The schools aim to serve their community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. They encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experience they offer to all their pupils.

The location of all three schools within the Trinity Federation

1. St. Mary’s Bluecoat CE Primary School Lodge Lane, Bridgnorth WV15 5EQ Tel: 01746 763455

2. Worfield Endowed CE Primary School Main Street, Worfield, Bridgnorth WV15 5LF Tel: 01746 716606


3. Beckbury CE Primary School Badger Lane, Beckbury TF11 9DQ Tel: 01952 750287