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St. Mary's Bluecoat CE Primary School

"Working together for success"


Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage Unit at St. Mary's Bluecoat Primary School.

Our Nursery-aged children and our Reception-aged children work alongside each other every morning within our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit. We have created an educational, play based, emotionally and physically secure environment where Nursery and Reception aged children are totally integrated and where children who remain with us from Nursery to Reception will not have to experience another move until the start of Year 1. Within the EYFS unit we also have a high ratio of staff to children.


St Mary’s Bluecoat School Nursery has a separate admission application form and places for the Nursery must be applied for. Please contact Mrs Jayne Seal, School Administrator for further information and an application form. 


Please note: even if your child attends the School Nursery you still have to apply for a Reception place through the Local Authority. 


For parents who require all day nursery provision, we recommend contacting Miss Leanne Broster, Manager of Hidden Treasures (an on-site, private pre-school). St. Mary’s Bluecoat School works in close partnership with Hidden Treasures. Many children who attend morning sessions at St Mary’s School Nursery are collected at lunchtime by Hidden Treasures’ staff and attend an afternoon session at their pre-school. Hidden Treasures can also provide after-school provision for children of primary school age. Parents should contact Hidden Treasures directly to enquire. There is a link to their website below.